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Our Products and Services

Financial Accounting Software

Helping businesses process all their financial records. Generate Invoices, Quotations, Balance sheets, Income statements and more easily in just a few clicks.

Point of Sale System

Easy to use in terms of set up and quick learning by managers and cashiers. Serve multiple customers at once, manage inventory and generate financial records easily

Inventory management Software

Maximise your warehouse efficiency with an intelligent tool that eases the task of organizing your production and store facility. Track all your warehouse inventory movements, incoming and outgoing shipments

Online marketing

Web Development, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, PPC, E-Zines and More.


It important to have a smart, secure and robust network to readily support all you company’s digital oriented needs. Domain Controllers, WiFi, Fileservers and Structured cabling and more.

Manufacturing and Production software

Keep track of all your production processes at anytime. Schedule production, monitor or track use of raw materials and produced commodities.

Project Management system

Timely, easy to use and affordable. Projects have never been easier to manage. Use time-sheets, budgets, and monitor resources

Human Resource Management software

People are the most vital asset of any organization and managing them effectively is key. Generate employee expenses, manage leave, payslips and even give loans

CRM system

Clients constantly need to be informed, served and responded to whenever queries rise. Schedule meetings, calls, lead status and eventually sale.

Voice Solutions (VoIP)

Having the right infrastructure is key for a smart and organized network. Affordable VoIP solutions with no license costs. Voice Mails, Conferencing, Video Calls, LCR, and more

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